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[NEW] Why the best WP security plugins/services are USELESS...

Just 1 WP exploit & your site is HACKED - despite having BEST security running

All you know about WP security has evolved...

Watch this WP site GET HACKED with "best" security running

The BEST WP security plug ins WON'T protect you against EXPLOITS

Most WP sites are HACKED by uses - ALL tested WP Security FAILED

FAILED - Top WP security plug ins & solutions...

Hi People

What if I said that to you 5 of the most popular security plugins totally FAILED to force away a basic exploit.


Sounds like BALONEY right? Well you need to see this for yourself cos they demonstrate it live:


In truth the sites tested were all running the latest WP version + top security plugins - yet...




Wordfence - FAILED

Bulletproof Security - FAILED

IThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) - FAILED

Acunetix WP Secureness Scan - FAILED & EXPLOIT FOUND

All in one WP Security & Firewall - FAILED


And just in case you feel that this will protect you:


Running the most up to date WP/plugins - FAILED

Using a reputable host - FAILED

Firewalls - FAILED

Cloudflare - FAILED

Varnish Éclipse - FAILED

Cache Jacks - FAILED


Main point here is right until now NOTHING on the market was able to prevent exploits... there's just too many of these & loads of new ones are released every day.


Problem is that most plugins & themes are not written by security experts


This is a huge issue for Wordpress users.... & hackers know it... in fact 92% of hacker attacks today are via intrusions


Thus till now the industry has simply ignored the condition & kept users in the dark.



WP Site Guardian is a new generation security wordpress plugin monitors how visitors use your site - it detects & blocks take advantage of execution attempts...

So cyber-terrorist attempting exploits will be BOOTED, BLOCKED & you are going to get notified instantly.


This kind of plugin is available for 1 week only though WP Site Guardian Review - with best pricing on day 1...

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